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Tumors (General)

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The literal meaning of the word tumor is a swelling, but in pathology its application is restricted to those swellings formed of cells resembling ordinary tissue cells but developed independently of the factors regulating normal development and serving no useful purpose. Such a swelling is also described as a new growth or a neoplasm.

The scope of this definition will be better understood if a few examples of fresh development of tissue are considered. Thus, in syphilis, tuberculosis, actinomycosis and some other diseases a swelling formed of new cells is a common event, but the cells do not resemble any of the normal cells of the body and although such a swelling is called a granuloma or an infective new-growth it is not classed as a tumor. Again, if one kidney be removed the other will probably become much enlarged, beyond the normal plan for the size of a kidney, but the new tissue serves the normal purpose of kidney tissue and is therefore not a tumor.

A tumor is usually named by adding the suffix oma (plural omata) to the Greek or Latin root of the name of the tissue in question; thus, an angioma is a tumor made up of newly-formed blood vessels, a fatty tumor is a lipoma, a cartilaginous tumor is a chondroma, and so on. A sarcoma is so named because its substance resembles to the naked eye a fleshy mass, and in the term carcinoma the name-root means a crab, and the reference is to the processes which grow out from such a tumor into the surrounding tissues.

A tumor may develop in tissue which it resembles, as, for example, an osteoma or bony tumor in bone, or an adenoma or glandular tumor in the breast; but tumors composed of alien tissues may occur in certain structures, as for example, a cartilaginous or a fatty tumor in the substance of the parotid gland.

The causation of tumors is not understood. It has been shown that irritation is a common antecedent to cancer and, recently, evidence has been adduced to suggest that cancer may be caused by a vims acting in conjunction with a complementary substance, but the evidence still requires verification, and should the hypothesis be established it still remains to discover the source of the complementary substance. It would also remain to explain the causation of tumors other than cancers.

There is a large class of tumors which exercise no harmful effects on the body except by the pressure caused by their growth. A tumor of this kind is called a simple, benign or innocent tumor and can generally be left alone, removal only being required when it is disfiguring or presses on a vital organ, or when it is in such a position that it is being irritated by friction.

The other class of tumor comprises the malignant tumors. A tumor of this type not only presses on neighboring tissues but actually invades and destroys them. Moreover, small portions of the tumor-tissue make their way along lymphatic’s or veins into other tissues or organs, a phenomenon described as metastasis. Also the growth of such tumors causes a depreciation of health, and in time proves fatal.

In this class, commonly described as cancer, are included the carcinomata and the sarcomata. Such tumors should be removed at the earliest possible moment, as should metastasis occur it may not be possible to save life even by removing the whole of the original growth. See: Cancer.. Polypus.. Sarcoma..

Application and treatment:

Tumors are benign and grow to be malignant if they continue long enough. Its growth is nature’s way of disposing of poisons that cannot be detoxified by the liver, or stored in the lymphatic system. If wrong habits arc continued and the system gets clogged more with poisons and starved for minerals, malignancy may occur. Often, detoxifying, together with increased intake of deficient minerals, vitamins, herbs and amino acids will cause the tumor to go away with polarization and surgery can be avoided. If not, such a preparation puts one in shape to go through surgery in good physical condition.

When the lymphatic system becomes clogged, kernels develop in the neck, groin, under arms, in the breast and elsewhere. The lymphatic system is overloaded. Activate the lymphatic system with massage, with negative polarity, with herbs, with forced deep breathing, avoid grief and resentment. Make an honest effort to eat right if you want to be free of cancer. Detoxify the body with positive polarity and follow with negative polarity to dissolve out cancer; eat natural, raw foods and keep on polarizing food positive.

Potassium is needed in the tissues and nerves and sodium (whey) arc salts of body fluids. Potassium is best taken from rice polishing. Lymphatic pumping is necessary combined with electric therapy to simulate the cells and increase chlorophyll and general hygienic measures are needed. Nerves are 50%Na&50% K.

Herbs for Tumors: Redroot herb taken internally will cause tumors to dissolve and helps to clear out the lymphatic system.

Other herbs for tumors are: Blue Violet, Coral, Mugwort, White Oak Bark, Elder, Sanicle, St John’s Wort, Witch Hazel, Flaxseed, Chicken Weed, Yellow Dock, Mullein, Tansy, Wood Sage, Coltsfoot, Skunk Cabbage, Celandine, Hops, Sorrel, Rock Rose.

Potassium foods: egg yolks, goat’s milk, garlic, green vegetables, alfalfa, mustard, raw cauliflower, raw potatoes, raw tomatoes, raw cabbage, citrus fruits, berries, green beans, greens.

Sodium foods: citrus fruits, cherries, berries, dates, grapes, apricots, apples, tomatoes, watermelons, celery, spinach, okra, cabbage, dandelion, beets, turnips.

Calcium foods: whole grains, goat’s milk, unsalted nuts (no peanuts), almonds, citrus fruits, tomatoes, apples, apricots, onions, garlic, dandelion, spinach, cauliflower, alfalfa, carrots, turnips, parsnips.

Magnesium foods: alfalfa, spinach, cauliflower, alfalfa, lemons, oranges, limes, plums, grapefruit, cherries, apples, gooseberries, tomatoes, nuts, figs.

Taking these things in raw juices allows one to get many more minerals which has proven beneficial in cancer cases. See: Cancer..’ Sarcoma.. Leukemia.. AIDS..