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Trauma (Shock, Heart Injury)

Bryan Applications, T

A wound or other injury is sometimes called a trauma. The results of a trauma may be called traumatism, the corresponding adjective being traumatic. Thus, epilepsy due to an injury to the head is called traumatic epilepsy. Fever occurring within thirty-six hours after an injury is called simple traumatic fever and is due presumably to the absorption of damaged tissue and inflammatory products. When it is due to sepsis it is called symptomatic traumatic fever. A traumatic neurosis is one following an injury, but the physical damage is not the cause of the nervous disorder; this is due purely to emotional disturbance.

Application and treatment:

Muscles are voluntary and involuntary which produce movements of an organism. Problems which can be dealt with using frequency include arteriosclerosis, heart and body muscles, veins of lungs, eyes and body, heart valves and minor heart attacks.

Trauma (Shock, Heart Injury)

In heart problems treat both sides at once to balance energy. Apply energy to arteries to colon and intestines.

Arm Muscles: Leg Muscles: Apply energy to outside of scapula bone on lateral edge of shoulder blade.