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Toxic Reaction

Bryan Applications, T

The poisonous substances produced by bacteria are known as toxins. Some of these substances are set free in the blood or any other medium in which the organisms can thrive, while others are contained in the protoplasm of the organisms themselves, but are liberated when the protoplasm is disintegrated. The former are called exotoxins and the latter endotoxins. The tissues of the body form substances that neutralize the circulating toxins and are therefore known as anti-toxins. The effects of the toxin of one species of bacterium may differ from those caused by that of another just as the active principles in the higher plants differ in their actions.

Application and treatment:

Detox sessions are a good idea before, and after any specific application, because it is very helpful in controlling the toxic side effects which accompany many treatments. This is only a problem during the first 6 months, approximately, after which, the immune system of the user is so strong that there is very little danger of any kind of infection. The toxins are simply not there anymore, and so, no reaction is likely. Occasionally, sometimes many years apart, the experienced user will experience some symptoms of one sort or another, but these will usually only amount to sniffles, where others (non-users), who have contracted the same virus will be incapacitated and even hospitalized. This is a very common occurrence.