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Suprarenal (To Stimulate)

Bryan Applications, S

A secretion of the gland, adrenalin, is sometimes called supra-renal extract.


The suprarenal capsules or adrenals (first described by Eustachius in 1563) are two small bodies placed on the upper poles of the kidneys. They are of immense importance to health in virtue of their secretions, which are taken up by the blood as it passes through them. Each adrenal consists of two parts, one enclosing the other. The inner is known as the medulla, and the outer is the cortex, and each has its peculiar function.

The secretion of the medulla, or adrenalin, has marked influence in maintaining muscular tone, and the lack of adrenalin owing to disease of the gland accounts for the profound muscular weakness in Addison’s disease. A secretion of the cortex appears to affect the development of sexual characteristics. Tumors of this part have resulted in a woman losing female attributes and developing those of the male. See: Kidney..

Application and treatment:

Targeting of glands may be accomplished by electrode pads over any fluid filled vessel leading into and or out of the gland, as in ducts, blood vessels and the lymphatic system. This is used most often to destroy infections.

They may be stimulated by direct placement of pads either positive or negative, over their nearest aspect to the skin. Always begin at very low output, which is the polarizing level, and from session to session this may be increased by degrees, if needed.