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Bryan Applications, S

Generally used as a colloquial name for apoplexy, the term stroke also occurs in the name heat-stroke or sun-stroke and sometimes is applied to sudden attacks of illness of other kinds.

Application and treatment:

The applications for stroke should be as appropriate under the listing for other diseases of the brain, and mental dysfunction. Varying degrees of success will be achieved.


A sudden severe attack as of apoplexy or paralysis; recoil of ventricles at time the blood is forced onto aorta; It may occur in one of three forms: thermic fever or sunstroke, heat exhaustion; or, more rarely heat cramps. It could also be caused by a sudden attack of paralysis from injury to the brain or spinal cord.

Use positive on heart, negative on spleen. Person in tension: eyes open, lips shut, no sweating, urine controlled, bowels controlled, pulse strong and solid. Person scattered: eyes closed, lips open, both hands open, excessive sweating, urine and bowels uncontrolled, pulse weak and hollow.