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Sterility (To Prevent)

Bryan Applications, S

Barrenness, or sterility, most commonly results from some defect in the female. It may be due to some congenital malformation of the generative organs, a lack of activity in the ovaries, which may also be shown by obesity, or the cause may be some such disorder as displacement of the womb, inflammatory changes of the genital organs or a tumor.

Similarly, in the male there may be congenital defects, but the most common cause of inability to procreate, a different thing from sexual impotence, is some consequence of inflammation. The most common cause of inflammation of the genital organs, male or female, it may be added, is gonorrhea.

Sterility may occur, however, when there is no gross defect; either congenital or acquired. That there is such a condition as biologic incompatibility is show by the fact that couples who have remained sterile with each other have proved to be capable of obtaining children in a subsequent marriage.

From what has been said it is clear that a great deal of sterility could be prevented. When a marriage has been fruitless for two years it is desirable that the wife, and possibly the husband also, should be examined. Some of the disorders above-mentioned can be rectified by treatment, operative or otherwise, but others are hopeless.

Application and treatment:

In general impotence can result from 2 causes:

1) The male may be disinterested by sexual intercourse; hormone upsets made him ill or his food may make him weak.
2) There are feelings of sexual inadequacy caused by a physical injury such as damage from an accident; excess consumption of alcohol, sleeping pills or stimulants; diabetes; obesity and other abnormal conditions reducing man’s ability to perform.

Dietary considerations:

Emphasis on raw seeds & nuts, especially pumpkin and squash seeds, sunflower, sesame and almonds; plenty of raw vegetables and fruits, plus fresh juices. Use oils of sunflower, sesame or olive and lecithin, brewer’s yeast, and vitamin E & F & zinc. Avoid coffee, alcohol and all strong spices.

Biological Treatments:

Walk 1 to 2 hour daily
Maintain good general health status
Develop sexual regularity
Avoid prolongation of sex
Take pollen 2 tsp daily
F – 6 capsules daily
E – 600IU or more daily
C – 1000 mg to 5000 mg daily
Fish liver oil 2 tsp daily
Lecithin -1 or 2 tsp daily
Kelp – 2 tsp daily
Brewer’s yeast 2 tsp daily
Herbs: Juniper, Ginseng, damiana, ergot, echincea,
birch leaf – mix with food.

Weak sex drive – increasing potency:

Sexual vigor depends upon the total strength and vitality of the body. Peak operation of the hormones occurs during the twenties and after this age they decline gradually. Massage and applied energy from electromagnetic polarity can aid the body to use its innate and later acquired energies to the fullest extent and, in this way, increase sexual potency in middle age and after. Start with the sides of the navel and in the center of the instep.