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Bryan Applications, S

Application and treatment:

Stammering brings the victim the greatest mental suffering among various speech impediments. It usually occurs before age 3 or before age 8 when special influences and relations assume major importance.

It is caused by spasms in the organs of enunciation; malcircuiting in transmission paths of thought and information along the central nervous system. Hypertension in the organs of enunciation brings about stammering, and, at the same time causes tenseness in the muscles of the limbs and face.

Tension beyond what is normally required for ordinary activities can become an obstruction and may result from negative polarity. Polarize the areas positive.

For instance, people find themselves virtually paralyzed when called upon to speak or perform in public some act that is part of their everyday activities. Some have stage-fright but few stammer. It is a matter of grave distress for the sufferer and increases the hypertension, which is directly related to high blood pressure.

Polarize the heart positive for 3 minutes to make a complete circulation positive and use the negative on the spleen for 3 minutes to provide oxygen and to neutralize the blood pressure.