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The involuntary discharge of semen is called spermatorrhea. It commonly takes the form of nocturnal emissions, but may occur after micturition or when the bowels move. Sometimes the discharge is not semen at all and may be a milky discharge from other glands, when it is called urethrorrhea. A discharge may come entirely from the prostate gland. This is called prostatorrhea. Much harm comes from reading quack literature on this subject instead of consulting a doctor. The human male germ cell, or spermatozoon, consists of ahead, a neck, a middle piece, and a long, slender tail. The total length is 1/400 inch. The spermatozoon (plural, spermatozoa) progresses by an undulatory movement of the tail.

Application and treatment:

Emissions occur with dreams and without dreams as a natural normal release of nature’s safety valve. Symptoms are dizziness, tinnitus, wrist pain, generalized weakness, loss of strength in extremities, pulse deep and uneven.


In many cases there is no dysfunction, and thus no treatment is appropriate. If dysfunction is suspected, begin with standard treatments via water pans for 3 sessions spaced 72 hours apart, which will correct most common problems.