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Slipped Disc

Bryan Applications, S

Application and treatment:

Middle aged women are the most numerous of those who have deformation of bones and joints, especially knee joints, and are also frequent victims of deformation of vertebrae and the intervertebral cartilaginous discs. Using positive polarizers, one woman had three discs out in her back which were healed and restored to proper position after three days of continuous application of energy.

Bones can generally be restored within 48 to 24 hours. Even when the condition has been corrected, the patient must be careful of chilling or excess fatigue to avoid recurrence.

A Vertebra is one of a number of movable small bones which make up the spinal column. The 5 movable bones are located in the middle of the lower back above the sacrum. The vertebral joints have cartilage on their adjoining surfaces; and an intervertebral disc, composed also of plates of cartilage which lies between each of two movable vertebrae. Various disorders involve the vertebral discs and the vertebrae.

Mechanical troubles may affect the sacrum and the 5th lumbar vertebrae. At the joining area, the nerves may cause low back pain. Spondylolisthesis, called swayback, affects the stability of the lower spine, and a slipped disc or injury may affect the invertebral discs. T.B. of the spine or calcification can implicate or destroy the discs. See: Joint. Lumbar vertebrae..