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Bryan Applications, S

Application and treatment:

Inflammation is noted by pain, heat, redness, swelling, excess of blood, stoppage of flow of blood or other body fluid, changes in the blood and walls of the small vessels, discharge of accidental or acquired substances. The sinus is filled with bacteria.

Other causes are virus infections, vitamin deficiencies, nutrients lacking in the blood, and the like. Includes any inflammation of the oral membrane, including gums, tongue, lips, and comers of the mouth.

Anemia, disorders of the autonomic nervous system, sicknesses of the mouth and stomach, and intestines, high fevers, menstrual periods, and pregnancy may bring on such a condition.

Refrain from alcohol, smoking, eating or drinking anything that is highly stimulating.

Use water pan applications initially, to kill internal vims, bacteria, and other parasites. Use detox frequencies 20, 60 72, 95 125, then, 728, 787, 880 for 2 minutes each.

It may be useful to polarize the body positive for 5 minute and then negative for 5 minutes to aid in healing with positive and reduce inflammation with-negative polarity. See: Sinus..