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Paralysis of one half of the body results from a stroke or a rupture of blood vessels in the brain known as cerebral hemorrhage or cerebral infarction. Ruptures frequently occur in people with high blood pressure in time with sudden excitement, sudden cold wherein blood rushes to the brain but blood vessels have been hardened or weakened and constricted so that they cannot withstand the onrush of blood to the brain, bursting and causing hemorrhage in the brain areas.

When a clot clogs the brain and impairs the brain cells, it is also called cerebral thrombosis. Such obstruction in the blood vessels blocks the flow of blood and nutrients to the brain cells which become sluggish and gradually soften. Victims cannot speak clearly; they have headaches, nausea, and may lose consciousness. When they awake, one half of the body is likely to be completely paralyzed; sometimes they cannot speak at all.

Application and treatment:


In general have the patient sent to a hospital. Curing paralysis is within the power of the polarity – use positive for 48 hours at very low output, until relief is noted which may cause the regeneration of blood vessel cells to knit together and to offset the causes of cell break down with positive polarity regeneration and use negative on the spleen every 1/2 hour to encourage oxygen into the blood stream for 3 minutes at each time.