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Bryan Applications, R

The disease which is called hydrophobia when it affects human beings is known as rabies when it occurs in the lower animals, such as wolves, dogs, cats, horses, and cattle.

Application and treatment:

Because of the very rapid mortality of the disease, it is recommended that none but the very experienced should even try to eliminate this disease using frequency instruments because there is no time to wait for three sessions to find out if the treatments are working or not.

Ordinarily, as in most disorders, enough time is available to determine if: the person is conducting; if their toxicity is adequately reduced to allow frequencies to freely pass through tissues; whether or not they will experience extreme side effects; (which only complicates matters), or for the user to be fully competent in the adjustments and use of frequency, amplitude, polarity, and electrode pad placement.

In this disease, the patient will be dead before these determinations, which are simple acquired skills, can be made.

Again, the person must be an experienced frequency instrument user that is already detoxified. The user must also have developed good working skills. Without these and a good deal of confidence, there is nothing to prove by trying to destroy the disease with frequency therapy.

If there is no way to access a hospital or doctor to administer the injections for rabies, and there is no other alternative, relax and think about what you are doing. Time is unusually short and the treatments must be effective if the patient is to survive. If hydrophobia has already set in and the patient is refusing water, it may already be too late.

Begin sessions with detox frequencies via water pans for 15 minutes each at the highest output that the patient can stand. This will usually cause the muscles to jump uncontrollably up to the waist. Switch polarity once per minute.

Sessions should be of at least 3 hours in length, and detox frequencies should be used again at the end of the session. This is organized by delivering the lowest frequencies first, and moving the frequencies up slowly, and adjusting frequencies 5 to 10% on either side of the listed settings throughout the session. After the highest frequency has been delivered, lower the frequencies in reverse order, ending again at 20 Hz for 15 minutes. Expect severe toxic side effects and toxic reactions with symptoms similar to that of allergy.

As fever is reduced, Rhinitis or severe cold symptoms will probably appear, this is an indication that microbes have been destroyed in huge numbers. Let the patient rest from the therapy, for 1 to 2 hours and then repeat the process from the beginning with continuous attention to amplitude and frequency modulation throughout the session. Continue sessions until all symptoms have passed. Success is 95% sure, but adverse reactions and toxicity will be very uncomfortable and may last for weeks afterward.