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Pyorrhea (Trench Mouth)

Bryan Applications, P

Soldiers serving in the field, especially in the trenches, are particularly liable to certain diseases. Trench fever was the name given to an acute infectious disease probably caused by a virus and disseminated by lice. After an incubation period lasting for a week or longer the patient suddenly becomes ill, with shivering, pain in the limbs, headache and, occasionally, vomiting and diarrhea. The temperature rises quickly, possibly to 103° F. or more. A characteristic feature of the disease is severe pain in the shinbones, which may interfere with sleep.

There may be continued fever for one or two weeks and then recovery by lysis, or the fever may be intermittent and there may be relapses. The disease is never fatal but may be followed by prolonged debility, associated perhaps with irritability of the heart. The treatment is that of fever (q. v.).

Trench foot resembles frost bite except that the feet were sodden and frequently became infected with septic organisms. It was caused by continuous immersion of the feet in cold mud. A daily change of socks and the use of rubber boots reduced the risk to the feet very considerably. Trench, or war, nephritis was the name given to nephritis occurring in soldiers in the field, among whom it was considerably more common than among the general population. It is now supposed by most people not to have been a special disease but simply the ordinary type made more common by the fatigue, exposure and infections which were the lot of soldiers in the field. In a large number of cases there was complete recovery.

Application and treatment:

A discharge of pus of streptococcus, staphylococcus, and streptomyces (a soil fungus bacteria) with bad breath, and in advanced stages can cause the teeth to fall out. The tissues and organs around the teeth are vulnerable; exterior elements have a bad influence on gums such as dental tartar, remains of food, extremes of cold and heat from cold and hot drinks, and may be caused by inner body disturbances from negative thoughts, diabetes, excess sugar, poor thyroids, lack of vitamins and minerals and basic body nutrients, allergies, irregularities in the autonomic nervous system.

Pyorrhea (Trench Mouth)

When pyorrhea has attacked, see your dentist at once. Use frequencies 20, 728, 787, 880 for devitalizing vims, bacteria and fungi, use positive and negative polarity alternately for 5 minutes during sessions totaling 20 to 30 minutes.