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A rather common skin disease, psoriasis occurs as papules, covered with scales, the papules sometimes being separate, but more often crowded together to form patches of varying size. The disease, of which the cause is unknown, begins in early life as a rule, probably with a general distribution of the eruption over the body. It then clears away except for one or two places, where it is likely to persist, namely, the back of the elbow, the front of the knee, and possibly the scalp.

From time to time outbreaks involving more or less of the body surface are apt to occur. Only exceptionally is there any itching or any other discomfort, and the general health is not affected. The scales on the top of a psoriasis papule are white, and can be removed from a patch in layers; scraping them produces a silvery sheen. Sometimes inflammation of the small joints occurs in a person subject to psoriasis.

In some cases of psoriasis a change in the diet is beneficial. Thus, an improvement may follow a reduction of protein foods, such as meat and eggs, to a minimum, especially in acute cases. Arsenic is the drug most often used inwardly, but potassium iodide, thyroid extract, and others are also tried in certain cases.

Alkaline or sulphur baths, and a subsequent application of salicylic acid in Vaseline, will help to clear off the scales, after which such preparations as ordinary tar, chrysarobin from goa powder and mercurials are applied. Treatment, however, should be under medical supervision, as drugs, when applied over a large surface, may be absorbed in unpleasant amounts; also over energetic treatment might provoke an acute outbreak.

Application and treatment:

Positive polarity can dissolve the scales and free up the blood vessels again. The scales cause slowing of the circulation on account of vein dilation and impairment. It may followed with bacterial infection which plugs up the vessels and the lymph to aggravate conditions. Elimination of bacteria, micro-worm and parasites may be readily accomplished frequency instruments using 20,727, 287, 880 Hz with pads.

When polarizing use alternate forces: positive for 5 minutes on both sides and negative for 5 minutes on both sides and continue for 30 minutes. Move polarizers up and down the body for applying energy to areas in need of it.