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The term polypus is used for a tumor which hangs by a stalk from the surface of a body cavity. As regards its structure and nature, a polypus in one situation may differ widely from one in another situation. An aural polypus, for example, consists of granulation tissue, the overgrowth of this tissue being caused by chronic irritation in the ear. A nasal polypus consists of a soft overgrowth of the mucous lining, also due to chronic irritation. A rectal polypus, on the other hand, is usually a growth of the nature of an adenoma, or gland tumor.

Polypi should be removed, a simple matter when they are readily accessible, but in some cases the base to which the stalk is attached must also be cleaned up. See: Nose..

Application and treatment:

Attached to a stem or a broad base of a growth arising from mucosa is a polyp that extends into a cavity or channel of a body. Polyps are the result of a morbid enlargement or overgrowth of an organ or a part due to its increase in size of its constituent cells. These cells of a mucous membrane as a growth are a true tumor. They may be fibrous,bleeding, cancerous, and from any distressed part of the body. They occur at any age from the cradle to the edge of the grave.

In pregnancy disorders there may be endometrial polyps inside the uterus. Near the cervix they are called endocervical polyps on the inside. As polyps progress they soon are called gout by a multitude of names like chronic tophaceous arthritis, multiple tophi, tophaceous gouty arthritis, Oxalate stones around which grow polyps from oxalic acid derived from chocolate, beet greens, rhubarb, spinach, cocoa, and tea. Since calcium oxalate is extremely insoluble in the urinary tract, renal stones are formed and the crystals may appear in kidneys, heart, muscle, bone marrow, and cartilage.


Inborn and errors of metabolism result from indigestion, inorganic foods, and hyperglycemia wherein sugar, from candy and the like turns out to be the vicious destroyer of the human body along with fats that come from pigs and pork that is eaten that provide a food that pathogenic bacteria can thrive on. Eat pork and mushrooms (cancer food) and get tumors fast.

Use energy suggested for cancer – negative polarity on tumors and growths to reduce them and positive polarity to entire body to reverse the reaction from food preservatives, pesticides, drugs, metals and other pollutants in the body. Most bunions and gout have their origin in chronic congestive conditions in the reproductive organs. See: Anus for applications in that area, also hemorrhoids.