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Animal parasites within the body are called entozoa and include amoebae and various kinds of worms. Those on the surface are called epizoa, lice and mites, for example. Some of the mites, however, burrow in the skin, and the larvae of flies may penetrate much more deeply.

Similarly, vegetable parasites within the body are called entophyta and include bacteria and various fungi, and those like ringworm, and other fungous parasites which infest the surface, are called epiphyta.

Application and treatment:

Most parasites are removed and otherwise devitalized by the use of standard treatment regimen, which is followed by a thorough course of detox frequencies. In this instance it may be advisable to use a fair amount of output power. Be prepared for toxic side effects, and have antacids and baking soda ready for use. Do not continue sessions until side effects have passed. If side effects do occur after the second session, they will be very much less intense, and the user should not be deterred from using frequency therapy because of these effects, which are normal and experienced by everyone to various degrees depending on their individual accumulation of toxins.

If toxic side effects continue after 5 sessions and do not seem to be diminishing, discontinue use and see a doctor.