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The literal meaning of the word osteomyelitis is inflammation of the bone marrow, but the name is more commonly used with reference to acute inflammation of the bone marrow in the shaft of long bones, and here the bony case is also involved and, probably, the periosteum or fibrous covering; of the bone.

Acute osteomyelitis generally occurs in children, the lower end of the femur or the upper end of the tibia being very common sites, though the other extremities of these bones, the bones of the upper limb or other bones may sometimes be the site of the disease. The immediate cause is the activity of a microbe, usually a staphylococcus, but often there has been some injury, though this may have been so slight as to be over-looked.

The child complains of pain above or below a joint and soon looks very ill, with a high temperature and probably delirium. There is swelling and tenderness over the affected part, the condition is often mistaken for acute rheumatism, though it ought to be distinguished easily from this disease by the fact that the mischief is not in the joint. Unless immediate surgical treatment is undertaken the child may die in a day or two from septicemia (q.v.) or blood-poisoning, or, if it should escape from the immediate risk, a large portion of the body may die and life may be threatened by chronic suppuration unless the limb is amputated. Treatment consists in boring into the bone and giving free exit to the poisonous discharges.

Application and treatment:

Osteomyelitis is bone inflammation caused by pus bacteria. These are generally streptococci, staphylococcus, and streptothrix which can be devitalized with frequency instrument Hertz at 727, 787, and 880. This is combined with polarity applied over the body.

The infection may also come from other pathogenic microorganisms, and negative polarity. Lockup microorganisms with positive polarity so that they cannot divide. Negative polarity afterward will also lock them up. Drink electrolyte twice daily with raw milk and whey, rice polishing and lecithin before using electronic instruments and water and acidophilus after use of instruments. Apply energy anterior portion of sternum to stop excessive growth or lack of bone growth. To 7th cervical vertebra to aid bone.

If treatment does not result in definite improvement within 5 sessions, continue sessions in combination with other measures as described by a doctor, but avoid drug use in all cases.

Any doctor that does not heal but merely gives drugs is not a doctor, but a drug pusher. Statistics show that prescription drugs cause a 60% greater number of fatalities than do the unsupervised recreational use of cocaine, hemp and heroin combined in a proportional ratio. In other words, illegal drugs are at least twice as safe as those sold in drug stores. This may be due to the fact that Hemp, Opium, and Coca, and other traditional drugs have been in use for at least 5000 years, and during the course of that time, much is known about how they may be used safely. On the other hand, most of the drugs which are sold in stores are comparatively unknown, and many of the dangers which are intrinsic to their use are unknown and unrecognized.


One case in point is the recent scandal over Prozak, which is a very dangerous drug that was sold to millions and has brought thousands of lawsuits, and caused hundreds of unnecessary deaths, when used according to prescription.

Another is the banning of tryptophan, which is an altogether harmless and a completely natural mild sedative found also in milk and in turkey. Both are clear indications of the gross incompetency and blatant irresponsibility of those persons and agencies which regulate the drug industry.

Fortunately, frequency instrument users have no use for any drugs at all since the therapy removes all drugs in exactly the same way it removes any, poison in the body.