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Nicotine Poisoning

Bryan Applications, N

Poisonings generally, unless it is known that the source is within a specific location in the body, should be treated in the standard way, as a general rule, and local symptoms treated via electrode pads as needed.

Although the lungs may be suspected as the primary location of the poisons, and for good reason in a smoker, treatment of the lungs is not suggested, but such may be tried with some degree of success. Objective research does not indicate a link to smoking and lung cancer at any level that would be significant if compared to the incidence of lung cancer and breast cancer in those individuals, smoking or not, who have had 2 or more X-rays per year for 20 years.

The psychological addictive qualities of tobacco are clinically known to be many times that of heroin. It should be remembered that the presence of tobacco tar, and other smoke byproducts in the body for many years sets up a toxic barrier to a small number of invading microbes, and when the toxins are removed, a greater susceptibility to these will be the tendency.

The body that is thoroughly permeated with tobacco and nicotine is usually without good circulation, and the patient will exhibit symptoms similar to that of autointoxication, and septicemia. Heart and lung functions will be impaired to a greater or lesser degree.

Treatment of symptoms will be aided by fresh air, fresh fruit diet and vitamin supplements. Moderate exercise will tend to assist in the stimulation of ciliated cells in the bronchial tubes, which will help the natural production of mucous and expectoration. Drinking plenty of clean water is also a good measure. 2000 milligrams of vitamin C per day, at 500 per meal and at bedtime will greatly reduce the negative effects of tobacco smoke.

It has long been the contention of experienced frequency instrument users that the propaganda connecting tobacco to lung cancer was a cover-up to some degree, as the medical orthodoxy has yet to recognize the viral causes of cancer, or to treat the disease accordingly even though they have been aware of the connections for more than 50 years.

Independent statistics collected from thousands of elderly people who had been smokers since puberty, most of whom had smoked for 50 years or more, indicated only one common connection to long life without cancer, which was almost zero exposure to radiation and toxic metals throughout life, and moderate exercise with sensible diet.

Anti-smoking activists, generally fanatics, should be made aware of the following facts as regards ambient, or second-hand smoke and the risks thereof. First, it is the equivalent of smoking two packs a day if one jogs for 1 hour in an area within a mile of any major thoroughfare. Automobiles, (most anti-smokers are also drivers), in connection to the toxicity of the ambient atmosphere, deliver many millions of tons of toxic chemicals into the air annually. The presence of lead, and asbestos in dangerously high concentrations are known to exist in the proximity of any highway. Automobiles alone consume and destroy a quantity of atmosphere equal to the total volume of atmosphere on earth every 10 months. Therefore to be a vehement anti-smoker and to drive an automobile is, in this respect, highly hypocritical.

The viral theory suggests that the microbe that is responsible for most lung cancer enters the body from the consumption of chicken, pork and eggs, and does not invade human cells except where they are severely compromised, as in an ulcer, an abscess, or microscopic laceration of lung tissue due to the inhalation of harmful substances such as asbestos. In these sites the microbe may invade and cause cancer. Exposure to lethal and devitalizing frequencies kills off all of the “BX” virus, and begins to liquefy the tumor very rapidly. This it will do fully in the presence of very large amounts of tobacco toxins.

Application and treatment:

Standard treatment regimen via water pans is suggested. Apply positive polarity to lungs, and a thorough course of detox frequencies is definitely called for. The patient should drink plenty of water.