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Neurasthenia (Fatigued)

Bryan Applications, N

The significant thing in neurasthenia is the poverty of mental and physical vigor, an incapacity for effort. The sense of incapacity may be constant, but some neurasthenics look fit enough, and may get to work quite briskly, only to find, however, that their energy is soon exhausted. Concentration on work cannot be sustained for any length of time, if at all, and efforts in this direction cause much discomfort. The sense of tiredness induced by attempts at thinking is often referred to as brain fag.

Headache is a usual accompaniment, and takes the form of dull pressure, which has been compared to the sensation of wearing a leaden cap. Sleeplessness is common. The patient has difficulty in rousing in the morning and rises unrefreshed.

Digestion is sometimes poor, and there may be a tendency to palpitation and giddiness. There may be a difficulty in holding the urine, and some neurasthenics may complain of a sexual disability. A pain in the back is not uncommon, and there may be a feeling of weakness in the legs.

Symptoms such as these may occur after an acute illness, notably influenza, but they also occur independently of another disease, and it is then that the appellation neurasthenia is properly applicable. The cause here is sometimes said to be overwork, worry, or sexual excesses. Some persons, however, inherit but a scanty reserve of nervous energy, and in them neurasthenia may be readily induced.

More men than women suffer from neurasthenia, but the number of women is considerable. The disorder may sometimes be found even in children. Obsessions and phobias, or morbid fears, sometimes occur in neurasthenia, especially when it has lasted for some time.

It may require a careful examination to eliminate the possibility of symptoms suggestive of neurasthenia being actually due to some latent disease, such as consumption, malignant disease, or diabetes, but a sound opinion can be given as to the existence of these or other organic diseases, and the patient be relieved of groundless fears.

In treatment it is necessary to build up the general health. If the disorder is severe, rest is necessary. In mild cases, however, an agreeable occupation in some kind of creative work is preferable. Relapses are prone to occur, and the outlook is worse if the disease has been of slow and gradual development. Traumatic neurasthenia is rather of the nature of hysteria than of neurasthenia as properly understood. Psycho-therapy is essential to its adequate treatment. The form of neurasthenia responsible for sexual dysfunction is known as sexual neurasthenia, and even prolonged treatment may bring only dubious results. See: Autointoxication.. Neurosis..

Application and treatment:

Standard treatment regimen via water pans is the best place to begin. This should include thorough course of detox frequencies. Dramatic cures are reported. Expect recovery in 7 days, and more or less permanent cure in 90 days.