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Bryan Applications, M

A mongoloid person has the features of a Mongol, a race in the Himalaya region. Often the person is classed as an idiot with an I.Q. of about 2.

Retardation is the absence of normal mental development, a slow rate of development, a delay in thinking in which the process of thought is set in motion slowly, or thought of action, once having started, is performed slowly. The child may have slanted eyes, a large tongue, and a broad short skull resembling Mongols.

The trouble is thought to originate from the thymus gland, a ductless gland like body which reaches its maximum development in the early years of childhood. It is of grayish-red in color and it usually has two longitudinal lobes joined across a median plane.

The occipital bone at the rear of the head has developed retention of water held by negative polarity salts which is an impairment that can be corrected with thumb pressure upward and by positive and negative polarity applied to the enlargement: as the base of the skull at the rear portions.


A mongoloid child recovered and became brilliant from the following method: if female (positive last), if male (negative last).

See: Mental (retarded)..