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Menstrual (Cramps)

Bryan Applications, M

General; after vigorous exercising or in swimming, chills and pressure changes brought on, painful cramps may occur. Sciatic nerve passes along the lower back to the buttocks and the backs of the thighs before going into the lower legs and controls the muscles the muscles of the calves. Malfunction of the sciatic nerve causes back pain and calf cramps which can become chronic. Menstrual cramps are normal, and there is doubt as to the wisdom of any attempt to override their natural occurrence.

A hot towel or a hot air dryer will relieve minor cramps. Major cramps should be removed by use of polarity – applying positive first and alternately with negative for 5 to 30 minutes. First press with both pads. Then press in on the other points with thumbs or use polarity to change polarity to control the nerves. Repeated and forceful pressure on the big toes is effective.

Some cramps may require additional forces to relieve the negative polarity stress of compressing negative poisons of the body into the joints. Positive polarity may be of great aid in relieving pain with the alternate use of the positive direction and the negative direction of polarity to the affected areas of pain.

A cramp is a muscular contraction and to offset this force, in general, use the negative and the positive on both side at the same time in some cases. It may follow by loss of much water and salt.

To relieve the salt deficiency take 1/2 teaspoon of whey (organic sodium) and 1/2 teaspoon of rice polishing’s (organic potassium) in 1/2 glass of polarized positive water.

The nerves of the body are 50% sodium and 50% potassium so that any deficiency will be readily helped. When working and sweating in warm areas, this drink may be taken oftener to avoid fatigue and salt loss. See: Cramps..