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Cancer (general to prevent)

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Update 2015


We had no proof of any of Rife’s claims. Only anecdotal evidence. There was quite a lot of anecdotal evidence, accumulated by many users over 60 years before we started. A fair number of ordinary testimonials as well. The existence of which appeared to be amounting to some level of empirical data. A structure of sorts that from the long view, seemed to indicate a completion of those data at some time in the distant future.

A complete set of empirical data seems possible. If it is complete enough it is on the long and treacherous path to becoming accepted science.

Our Introduction to Rife Therapy Specifically for Cancer

From the early days, JWLABS position in this regard was neutral. We began as manufacturers, and brought nothing at all to the theory or the medicine. Ours was only to bring the most desirable device we could to our customers. A task that we were able to perform only because they had a clear idea of what they wanted.

In those first few years, we found ourselves conscripted to the further stewardship of the technology, and in so doing, were forced to provide at least some of the written materials customers demanded.

We do not have any illusions about who we are. We merely wish to assist the user to be as successful as they can be, and we do this by mostly staying in conformity with the basic known quantities. In other words, those things that are most reliable, and give some level of predictability.


We have two very different views of Cancer, that are almost diametrically opposed, in theory and in practice. The conventional view seeks only to treat by destroying human cells. The Rife view seeks to detoxify, and remove or destroy only infection and parasites.

The Basic Conventional View

Under the accepted theory of cancer, ordinary human cells become damaged in some genetic way, and begin to excessively replicate. Metastasis is caused by some of those cells finding their way to other parts of the body and replicating further, apparently contaminating other normal cells, which also begin to rapidly replicate out of control. They claim that lung cancer is the most common cancer type, and the most common cause of cancer is eating beef, and other animal protein.

Basic Rife Theory

Of course, according to the alleged historical accounts, Rife could actually see what was happening in Cancer cases for the first time. He was able to establish scientifically the cause, and the cure, presumably for at least some kinds of cancer, and demonstrated it conclusively. From that point forward, this very convincing information had been leaked to the public, to the effect, that Cancer is really caused by infection. How effective any therapy is in the treatment is therefore only as effective as its ability to remove the real cause, whatever that may be.

The body slowly becomes loaded with small viral and fungal infections which have no symptoms, but which eventually begin to attack and break down tissues that are weakened by toxins or by injury.

This usually happens somewhere in the body that is protected from the immune system, commonly in a cyst, a milk duct, the brain, the prostate, or other areas where abscess can occur.

Metastasis occurs when the cyst or closed lesion ruptures, and a larger volume of the virus is liberated into the surrounding body, to cause further lesions, and in part this begins to overwhelm the immune system.

Cells that are destroyed by the virus remain in the area, and create a layer that is conducive to the proliferation of certain fungi. This area of necrosis acts as a basis for fungal growth, and the fungus appears to comprise the greater portion of the tumor mass.

As this fluid drains from the area, it gets between organs and is picked up by the lymph system, where it begins to cause further blockages.

By destroying the infection, which is Viral, Fungal and Bacterial as well, the effected cells, of which there are actually very few, can return to normal.

The structure of the infection its self may require surgery to help prevent spreading and reinfection.

The most common type of cancer is breast cancer, and at least among our users, lung cancer, even metastatic lung cancer is very rare. If the person is not toxic, the diet is of little importance, however, by following an anti-fungal dietary protocol, symptoms may be reduced faster, and results should correspond.


In Rife Therapy, we have established certain basic standards of therapy for beginners, as described elsewhere. See Cancer Tutor.

The beginners routine is designed to begin to clear the circulatory system of the components of the cancer, which usually has the effect of arresting the progress and or the spread of the cancer within the first two to four weeks of therapy. This begins as a profound and measurable increase in the immune activity: See Video:

Immune Stimulus

This dramatic increase in immune response has a number of possible negative effects, most of which occurring only during the initial phases of the therapy. The first four are very common.

1.) Sudden changes in blood markers.
2.) Sudden changes in tumor size.
3.) Sudden outbreaks of viral lesions.
4.) Sudden increase in symptoms.
5.) General confusion in the user and/or the physician regarding the progress of the cancer, due to the effects of items 1 thru 4. (above).

Sudden Changes in Blood Markers

Dramatic changes in leukocytes, in lymphocytes, and in the plasma are expected during the first phases. Though these effects typically are reduced in a week (5 sessions), it is not unheard of for it to last much longer and may continue for a year or more in a few cases.

If the effects are for the better, they usually pass quickly and no further change is seen, or presumably, needed. If changes are for the worse, the amount of change allowed must be regulated until changes turn favorable.

Sudden Changes in Tumor Size

By increasing the immune system, often the effect is to increase symptoms, of which a tumor is one. An increase in tumor size is first thought to be caused by the immune system working harder, the body is fighting it more, increasing swelling and inflammation temporarily. An effect that is reduced as progress is made.

Any tumor that is a fluid filled cavity as commonly seen in cases of breast cancer, may suddenly rupture and release a large volume, reducing the size of the tumor rapidly. In these cases surgery is thought to be a better option when brought to bear before any rupture occurs. This measure, presumably helps to prevent metastasis, and limits the spread of the cancer.

It is believed only as the result of observation, that tumors that are purely viral in nature often reduce quickly with no swelling and no other side effect.

If treated early, diagnose melanomas have been eliminated to the extent that they are no longer visible, and are no longer diagnosable in a matter of weeks.

Sudden Outbreaks of Viral Lesions

As demonstrated in numerous cases of Herpes Zoster and Herpes Simplex, sudden outbreaks can occur if areas of high concentration are disturbed or excited. Such an event is immediately followed by the rapid reduction of all related symptoms.

No return of symptoms is expected, but to test negative for the virus it is thought, requires a prolonged follow-up routine.

Sudden Increase in Symptoms

Immune stimulation is generally thought to cause a temporary increase in symptoms. Virtually any symptom may be effected in this way, and although it is not true in every case, it is very common for users to report symptoms increasing and changing rapidly as a direct result of the therapy.

This is an effect that is best to avoid.

It is not a Herxheimer reaction.

In a percentage of new users, new symptoms will arise because of undiagnosed conditions that come to the surface. A small percentage of those users will experience dramatic effects of this kind.

It is recommended that in any case where symptoms increase, additional time should be taken away from the therapy until the reaction has fully passed. A reduction in the total daily session time, followed by a slow increase, once it is demonstrated the user can do more therapy without a reaction is a normal method.

General Confusion

All of the previous four condition states are counter intuitive from the conventional point of view. If these occur during a round of conventional testing, the results of the test may be changed enough to alter the recommendations made by a physician. A sudden increase in tumor size, and dramatically higher cancer markers, may also correspond to other symptoms like fatigue, nausea, dizziness, brain fade. All things that suggest, from the conventional point of view, that the condition is worsening rapidly.

Conventional Testing

To avoid this quagmire, be sure to take extended time off the therapy before any significant testing is to be done. This may allow time for some kinds of infection to repopulate, but unfortunately, if we want to get the most accurate possible test results, cannot be avoided.

The results of conventional testing is presumably reduced in it’s overall importance by as much as 50 percent, wether the time off suggestion is observed or not.

Systemic Anti-biotic Effects

Systemic applications appear to help reduce the various infections associated with cancer components in the blood. An application is designed specifically to treat the blood as it passes through the hands and feet.

The application is thought to be systemic when electrodes are placed on the palms of the hands, the soles of the feet, or both.

All other applications of the electrodes are referred to as being local, or as applied to a localized injury or infection.

The same application will have general diffuse frequency effects on areas of infection everywhere in the body. The electron flow is self directed to naturally concentrate in areas where resistance is less. It is also where acidity is highest. This corresponds to areas of injury or infection.

The anti-biotic session then, employs Polarity Therapy, Frequency Therapy, Electron Therapy, and Microbial Electrocution.

All four basic methods are put into service to have effects respectively:

Detoxification of tissues, devitalization of pathogen, stimulation of the immune system, electrocution of pathogen.

The expected effects of this type of program is to exert considerable pressure on the main causes of symptoms. In the most successful of cases, the cancer causing infection is arrested, reduced, and ultimately eliminated.

Direct Electrode Applications

The placement of electrode patches on or near the area of a tumor is a common means of delivering energy to help reduce the tumor size. There are several considerations. The first question is: Where is the tumor located?

The actual location of a tumor is a critical issue. If it is in a place where application to the area is straight forward, and sudden but temporary changes in tumor size will have no immediate effect on their well being, excessive applications of energy to the area usually will not be at all harmful.

If the tumor is located in an area where it would be expected that an increase in tumor size would block an artery, as in throat cancer, or cause swelling enough to harm brain function, as in Gleioblastoma, direct applications as needed to remove the viral component must be conducted in a far more precise, and limited way to be safe.

How the electrodes are applied is another consideration.

If it is the first time direct applications have been tried, usually placing the positive patch on the tumor, and the negative in the palm of the free hand for 10 minutes of T4 of the Cancer recording is a safe place to begin. Repeating this daily for 5-10 days will provide time enough to determine if changes are going to happen too fast.

If no reactions occur, or diminish rapidly, a more aggressive step is the application of two positive electrodes over the tumor, with the two negative electrodes applied to the soles of the feet. Again using 10 minutes of T4 of the Cancer recording and repeating daily for 5-10 days. The two positive electrodes can be re-positioned every 10 minutes of therapy for up to an hour of local treatment.

If the tumor is located in the abdomen, direct application of the positive electrodes over, or around the tumor, and applying the negative electrode patches on either side of the vertebra that controls that organ or area, is another yet more aggressive method of application.

Some organs can be targeted also by the blood vessels in much the same way by placing the positive patches over the organ and the negative patches over a major vessel the leads to the organ.
Still more aggressive application is accomplished by placing the positive and negative on either side of the area. This is usually done by means of at least one carbon rubber patch, lubricated by conductive gel. The patch is massaged into and around the tumor area under power. This massage, or stroking motion is necessary in most cases for the reason that the closer the positive is to the negative, the smaller the area of concentrated treatment. To cover all of the affected areas more thoroughly. Some motion is often very helpful in performing this kind of direct application.

Indirect Applications of Energy

In cases where the area is very sensitive, or it is thought to be too dangerous to attempt direct applications to the tumor area, the direct energy of the therapy can be used in a more indirect way. This method is a bit slower but still results in some of the desired effects without danger.

The concept is simple, and usually entails primarily the strategic use of systemic applications on hands and feet, which is the most obvious indirect means.

Another way is to position the patches at a certain distance from the target, usually taking a pattern such as horizontally and vertically, posterior, anterior, centrally or distally. A clock face pattern, at 9 and 3, 12 and 6 etc. The idea is to create a greater concentration of energy in an area without direct application of the electrode patches.


To round out a successful series of therapy, it is best to establish a maintenance routine that is adjusted to incorporate some or all of the therapy as it was performed successfully. This may be done far less often, and perhaps, with far less session time than the routine previously used.

With respect to the Herpes Model, as described above, a prolonged but regular use of the therapy is designed to eliminate the infection more completely, assuring that it cannot return or re-grow.

Full Abdominal

Direct electrode applications of a thorough nature as applied to the abdomen are a routine suggestion for general maintenance, even for healthy people. The purpose is the prevention of future disease. To reduce infection, to detoxify and to revitalize the abdominal area and the organs within. As a part of a maintenance schedule, a full course of therapy applied to the abdominal area might be appropriate once per year.

Full Spinal

For the same considerations as given in Full Abdominal, however full spinal is more challenging and is often difficult to accomplish without assistance. Direct applications to the spine are usually more effective if a stroke pattern along the length of the spine is applied by a helper.

Full Systemic

Full systemic is an application that calls for a full spectrum of therapeutic frequency applied to effect the body as a whole. This is one of the first things a new user learns. Usually after the first few weeks, will become familiar with whole body sessions, and the frequency tracks to use.

Healthy users, or very experienced users, may perform a full systemic session periodically. The electrodes are applied to the hands and feet, and the entire range of frequency is used in a logical sequence, to cover all of the effects of the therapy.

General Maintenance

Each user will first establish a maintenance routine, by following the standard start-up instructions, See video: and arriving at an amount of therapy they can do with no reactions, and no changes in pH. For most new users this is easily a 20 minute systemic session 5 days a week. For healthy users, twice a week is typical, but even twice a month may be enough.

Once the maintenance routine is established it is carried out regularly as any hygienic routine, like brushing the teeth etc. Cancer sufferers have a greater need for this maintenance than healthy people, and correspondingly need to do it more often.

Many users treating cancer add additional local sessions to their routine. Local sessions are performed before the maintenance session for the day. The local sessions they do each day may change according to a schedule, and that schedule will include the use of daily maintenance as a form of immediate follow-up and as a standard practice.

Minimized Applications

For preliminary local exploration of sensitive areas of the body. The eyes, the nose and throat, the facial features, the ears and all parts of the groin and rectum. Also for applications for infants, kittens etc, a very minimal amount of energy is delivered and controlled by the user.

These applications are accomplished by applying the patches in the normal way, on the palms only and setting the desired frequency track at a comfortably strong amplitude.

Only the dampened fingertips are applied. This allows a completely safe and well controlled amount of energy to be transferred. Most of the energy of the therapy courses via the palms, and only a tiny fraction of the energy reaches the target, usually very close to or just below the level that can be felt. The quality of the contact at the fingertips determines the amount of energy transferred. Making minimized applications more intuitive than ordinary electrode applications.

Polarity Therapy

Although the effects of polarity are always present during any Model A session, to extend these effects without the greater force and effect of the Rife therapy is the object of Polarity therapy. It is done as a systemic or local session with the positive and negative electrodes placed across the area to be detoxed, or on the hands and feet. The Amplitude is set at a level that is just below the point where it is easily felt, and using detoxification frequencies, the early session can run up to 4 hours, more advanced user might take it much further. 12 hours is not unheard of. The only danger is the quality of the contact, which often must be strapped or tied to help avoid burns.


We believe in the demonstrated effects of the therapy because we have been around it enough to realize the truth of it, with no proof needed other than the reports of users.

As the video should demonstrate, it is a real thing, and the effects are very real.

It is also a very powerful thing that can be dangerous in the hands of the irresponsible.

Basic facts to keep in mind

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing.

Self diagnosis can be a very dangerous thing.

Follow the Rules

Don’t get ahead of yourself. Too much therapy, as in too much session time, or too much Amplitude, is counter productive and increases user discomfort needlessly. You may not see the true results until you take time off.

Herxheimer Reactions

Having a reaction has nothing to do with effectiveness. It only reflects the person’s sensitivity at the beginning of the therapy. This effect disappears quickly.

Reactions to the therapy have nothing to do with Herxheimer reactions whatsoever. Reactions occur after the therapy for any number of reasons and can be far more serious. A more accurate term might be a healing crisis, but even this is inadequate to properly give a descriptive name to the reactions that can result from Rife Therapy according to our own standards.

See, Rife Tutor: Equilibrium in Electro Oxidative Phosphorylization

Suffice it to say, it is far more complex than the classic Jarrisch-Herxheimer reactions, which were induced by anti-biotic therapy. Anti-biotics tend to encourage fungal growth. In part because they are made from the mycotoxins produced by fungi. But mostly because they destroy a larger part of the bacteria that competes with them in some, but not all aspects and vectors of fungal disease.

This is not the case with Rife Therapy, which directs lethal energy to all foreign, and therefore parasitic biology that has found refuge in a human being, including but not limited to virus, bacteria, and fungus.

Antibiotic drugs overwhelm and suppress the immune system, where Rife Therapy stimulates and accelerates the immune system.

A completely different process, bearing no resemblance to Herxheimer.

The so-called die-off effect, where symptoms get worse before they get better, as described in popular rhetoric refers again to Herxheimer reactions.

In Rife therapy the stimulus, the detoxification, and the electrocution of pathogen while stimulating the speed and efficiency of the spectrum of lymphocytes, reduces any possible “dieoff” effect to nothing. Although both types of reactions are quite predictable, the cause and effects should not be confused.

The Machine Cannot Fail, People Fail

If at first you don’t succeed, try again. Ask for coaching at anytime 888-523-8695

Be sure to take the recommended time away from the therapy.

Healthy people and healthy conditions have no reactions.

Rapid changes for better or for the worse, often have consequences.

Steady and consistent applications, applied regularly with reasonable attention to detail is the best attitude.

It can take a long time for the body to respond to, and fully adjust to changes made.

Always stop the therapy when reactions occur.

Quality of connection, and the size of the contact area determines the comfort during the therapy.

Ph Is a Reliable Guide

Those with a natural average pH of 7.0 or higher generally have a better experience and better results over all. PH is controlled though detoxification, not through the consumption of alkaline substances.

Caution Is Mandatory

Always turn the Amplitude of the machine all the way down before you make or break your connection with the machine, or if your media device fails.

Sudden changes in frequency can be felt as a shock. Be sure to turn the Amplitude of the machine all the way down between tracks to avoid noise and shocking. Although these shocks can be painful, they are not harmful. Everyone shocks themselves sooner or later. It isn’t fun, but it is nothing to get excited about either. It’s called user error. That’s one reason why Model A comes with personal coaching, and why this web site is here. Just call, we’ll help you sort it out.

It is more dangerous for adults than it is for children, but children under the age of 18 must have adult supervision.

The therapy is also proportionally more dangerous for people who are ill.

Drink pure water.

Get traction or seek chiropractic help if possible, to reduce pressure on the nerves and promote better organ function.

Take enzymes. To help reduce rouleaux in the blood and encourage better circulation.

Exercise regularly if possible.

Avoid stress.

Adopt an anti-fungal lifestyle and dietary protocol.

BREAST CANCER Common Atypical Metastasis Brain Tumor Cautions

Update 1994

Application and treatment

The primary cause of cancer is excessive carbon combined with negative radiation owing to overloaded lymphatic system that has failed to cope with excess poisons violating natures laws.

In general the system may be assumed to be biologically dead requiring regeneration with 10 to 20 hertz for 15 minute periods three times daily which negative polarity is applied to tumor areas. Maximum voltage applied which can barely be felt. At first no energy will be felt in daily applications – later on site will conduct and be felt. Then when the conductivity is re-established in the body, both sides of the applied transducers will be felt.

Conductivity should be aided by taking electrolyte drink. After application of energy is applied, drink 1/4 tsp acidophilus in 1/2 glass of raw milk or water polarized positive for 2 minutes. When the body is conducting again take the electrolyte 20 minutes before using 2128 hertz for 2 minutes only every three days to allow lymphatic system to work with use of negative polarity. Continue on with negative polarity on one of both sides of the tumor for 20 minutes 3 times daily. If pain persists, cancel it with positive polarity then re-polarize negative. Use negative over spleen 3 times daily to provide red blood cells and oxygen and adrenaline to strengthen the bodies defenses and to give it needed energy.