True Mastery

A true master of Rife Therapy will use any appropriate recording that is available, or if they feel it is necessary may endeavor to control the frequencies personally. They will do this by using a frequency generator, in addition to the Model A, (plugged into the input) they will control the frequencies manually. They may do this live, or from a recording.

All session recordings are created on Model B-27. Model B was designed for this purpose, but since we have a large library of recorded sessions, and we could not build Model B at an affordable price, it was regrettably discontinued. However, high quality function generators exist, that are available widely at low prices, and that can produce a more than adequate signal.

A modified connection might be needed to connect a contemporary generator output to Model A input. Older generators will have positive and negative binding posts. Using any Model A lead wire, simply insert the plug into the Model A jack marked input, and insert the pins into the binding posts.

The simplest way is to record from the generator, to play back through Model A.

A close examination of the living blood under the microscope immediately prior to and following the first few sessions often reveals the true nature of the problem and provides a basis for setting priorities in the progress of the therapy thereafter.

The blood would be examined again periodically to help guide the sessions. If these results are cataloged in video it is easy to document progress.

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