Traditional Applications

The original applications, as they stood at the time of Rife’s passing, are what we must rightly consider to be the basis of the applications used in today’s Rife Therapy. We have accepted John Crane’s interpretation as factual from the beginning. As you might expect. He was the only bona fide authority on the subject in the world at the time.

Well into the 80’s and 90’s, the popular belief was still that it was necessary to determine the correct frequencies by means of microscopical examination. To expose samples of the disease pathogen to a spectrum of frequencies to see which one works. Once this is determined the subject’s shoes were removed, and then connected to the frequency generator portion of the device by instructing them to stand on two steel plates.

Metal rods, and other metal shapes were applied to the body as the practitioner thought appropriate. Sessions were rather brutal in most cases because the practitioner would rarely see patients more than 3 times a week.

Dark times compared to today.

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