Demonstrated Results

Royal Rife is credited today with having proven a theory that suggests all microbes are subject to being destroyed by the correct balance of forces that are tuned to precise frequencies. However, Rife was not the first to experiment in this area. Experiments very similar, or having profoundly relevant results that appear to confirm Rife’s claims have been repeated many times since.

After his death, Rife’s partner revealed to the world that the therapy was carried out by a method that had existed long before Rife. Today we would call it Trans-dermal Electro-stimulation.
In the day, it was called Electron Therapy.

The results that could be achieved using current had been demonstrated during the earliest uses of electricity, and when electric power reached the masses, and many Doctors and experimenters had access to it, every method of application they could think of was tried, including variable and tuneable frequencies in the same therapeutic ranges used today.

Rife is credited only with having convincingly proven a basic theory that had already been long standing. The methods were pioneered by earlier researchers almost 50 years before Rife succeeded. He was able to do this for the reason that Royal Rife was the greatest Microscopist in history. He found a way to actually see that part of the therapy actually work in vitro. Proving conclusively that it is a reality. It is not, therefore, a delusion, a fantasy, quackery or charlatanism.
These facts are as important today as they were long ago.

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