Effects of Polarity

The effects of polarity from the use of (DC) current are responsible for the major results we see in muscle stimulators, facial exercisers, and other therapeutic applications of DC that have been widely accepted as fact.

Although the use of polarity is part and parcel in the use of Electron Therapy, it is a distinct effect all of its own, as demonstrated by the results realized by people using simple, unpowered grounding mats, occasionally to passively increase the natural electron exchange from the ground to the user.

Polarity therapy gives respect to the detoxifying effect of a continuous electron flow in one direction. It is done using positive and negative electrodes on the body (usually feet and hands) using much lower amplitude over a much longer time than ordinary Rife Therapy sessions.

In nature, human feet are negative, hands are positive uniformly.

It is the natural polarity of the body.

It follows that in the use of Rife Therapy, feet negative, hands positive for most people adds a natural charge to the body. We know that at higher outputs, the human body can literally uptake a small amount of electrons and convert it directly into cellular energy as described in the ECC 1989 model.

In polarity therapy we would use a very small amount of output power, to move toxins slowly but reliably out of the tissues, into the system, to be flushed out. This is demonstrated to be a safer detoxification method for those with known cases of toxicity, such as exposure to insecticide and heavy metals.

In Model A we often use the Benjamin Franklin concept of electricity, as it better fits the subjective experience. The Red, or positive side represents the bolt of lightening, and the negative side represents the ground. Two poles with exactly the same amount of potential at any given moment in the therapy, but the energy they deliver behaves very differently.

The positive (red) side is always felt a bit more than the negative side.