Third Postulate

The broader standard:

At the juncture where the original analog session titles were converted to digital storage, we also decided to enhance them to include what we had learned from the GA. In 2006, the entire library was re-mastered. Hundreds of additional hours of recordings were added to incorporate a beginners session designed specifically for each application.

This proved to be redundant, and rather than make many of the sessions exactly the same, we were able to create them according to a logical set of algorithmic formulae.

Essentially this means all of the frequencies in the therapeutic range, tuned specifically for an illness, covering all of the expected procedural routines, in every application title.

Even some of the formulas were redundant, as some redundancy is expected due to the similarities in therapeutic requirements. Even with differing procedures, the detox routines for many applications are identical or very similar for this reason.

In selected titles we felt it was best to juggle some of the tuning in such a way that the first 10 minutes of each track is designed for beginners, and the rest for more advanced users. The more specific or more aggressive application techniques being expected during the last 20 minutes.

There is still some question at this point that this was actually a necessary measure. That specific data will not be adequate enough for any credible confirmation for at least another 5 years.

Enough new users with chronic or incurable disease are needed to provide short term comparison results as well as longer term, maintenance results. Follow ups are conducted periodically. Successful cases reveal a lot of pertinent information 15 years afterward.

If any cures are going to come about as a result of this therapy, those cured cases will still be cured 15 years later.

Those cases should either confirm our existing model, or reveal a new set of operating parameters that will give better long term performance. The former being the most probable, and the latter being the most desirable.

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