The Ph Benchmarks

Virtually without exception, those users who have a consistent natural saliva pH that averages 7.0 or above get better and more reliable results than those with average pH of 6.8 or below. They feel better, sleep better, heal faster and commonly report renewed energy or increase in stamina after a session.

The benchmark for the ideal pH fluctuation during waking hours is a high of 8.0, a low of 6.0, averaging 7.2 – 7.4.

Those with pH averaging below 6.0 are in trouble. Taking whatever measures available to move pH averages to a safer level may be of more importance to the user than any therapy. In some cases, the pH will swing dramatically up or down after only a short session. If it moves up the scale, the person will often experience a temporary reduction in symptoms and possibly mild euphoria. If it swings down the scale the user will often experience tiredness and possibly a temporary increase in symptoms.

Standardized sessions put limits on the amount of swing in pH that is realized.

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