Prediction Patterns

We make a distinction here between what Rife allegedly did over forty years ago, and what our version of Rife therapy has become, having developed from the point Rife left off.

This development has been guided by users responses. For nearly 30 years we have endeavored to provide detailed coaching for every user. This assures each user either gets the expected results, or we have an opportunity to learn how and why expected results do not occur, and find the solution.

A general pattern appears.

The first, and most remarkable characteristic we can observe among a vast number of users, is the most dramatic and most consistently reliable results are reported by those who follow directions well. They are mostly the true believers who do not question the therapy, and have no reason to deviate from the suggested program.

This is of great assistance to the coaching progression in these cases because it provides a more reliable basis for guidance and moderation.

Those who deviate from the program in any significant way, knowingly or unknowingly, are always much more difficult to coach effectively and generally have more difficulty as a result.

It speaks loud and clear about the effectiveness of the therapy in its present form, and the importance of proper coaching especially in the beginner’s early stages.

Caution and moderation is mandated.

The pattern also reveals that a small but consistent percentage of new users are seriously impacted by even a small amount of therapy. Some may require immediate medical attention after only one session. This can be due to a sudden release of accumulated toxins, and can also be due to major undiagnosed conditions, such as blockages and stones of various kinds.

The unproductive commotion and anxiety caused by these events have a detrimental effect on the user that far outweigh the value of proof of effectiveness. In some cases, extreme reactions could cause real harm.

Some beginners will experience frighteningly rapid results that cannot be avoided entirely, even using the GA guidelines. If these users were to ignore cautions and begin sessions much too aggressively, the reaction that would have otherwise been only a temporary discomfort, could become serious distress.

By strict adherence to the General Application, extreme reactions are limited enough that they can be observed before they become critical. The users sessions can be moderated by adjusting down to a level that is appropriate to the reported severity of effects. Usually by reducing the session duration.

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