First Postulate

The standardized beginners routine provides a basis for general prophylactic use.

By 2004 the progress made in creating a uniform start-up procedure seemed to suggest that all users, regardless of their state of health, enjoy substantial preventative benefits through regular beginner’s applications.

The basic application was created specifically for the purpose of providing users with a safe and reliable program with which to begin. The frequency tuning and duration of each track of the beginner’s recording anticipates a wide array of possible needs and tendencies in users of all types and in all manner of states of health and well being.

This application became known as the General Alignment. Or GA. It consists of 5 tracks of varying duration.

The beginner is always directed to start with Track 2.

Track 2 of the General Alignment corresponds to Channel B of the Model B. Channel B covers a range between 33 and 330Hz.

Many traditional target frequencies in this range were specifically avoided. It is a series of hand-tuned, selected target frequencies that are intended to focus on stimulus to the immune system and general blood detoxification.

It was further assumed that since Track 2 lacks the frequencies confirmed through the ECC 1989 Model of Electro-conformational coupling, ATP syntheses would not occur in this range.

This assumption has proven to be false, after interviewing over 2000 regular users of the GA, for 10 years. (2004-2014). Profound increases in energy and stamina are routinely reported by all users, however, most consistently in healthy users during their first few weeks of this therapy.

In 2006, physicians confirmed through independent clinical trials that indeed, APT syntheses and detoxification were the primary effects of the recording in perfectly healthy users.

Further confirmation of the postulate seems to be demonstrated by it’s predictable effects on saliva pH in person’s who are not in any way ill or afflicted. Remarkably, the lack of notable reactions reported by healthy users is very reliable, providing yet another solid benchmark.

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